Final Rating: 6.32. Finished 13 out of 151 entries.

1,322 views including the voting period.


Animator: Appu

Description: I Need more Freaking Drinks...

Experience: almost 580 days ;)

Time taken: around 2 weeks


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Robert Zhou:

I think the left character's pose change at ~75 was too sudden -- it was like he had an epiphany which didn't match up in my head. Everything else though, amazing work!

Nathan Greensmith:

Good animation, nice scene shot, good job.

Martin Strom:

The animation on the drunken friend is hilarious! Only problem is the last frames of the foot that looks pretty stiff when it falls down. Great job otherwise!

Bruno de Coninck:

Good work! You could add some micro moves in your moving hold, but it is a personnal choice, your animation is great and very anime ish...

Paula Decanini:

Drinking character gets out the chair too easily for someone who's drunk and clumsy. Should have more weight and be more of a struggle.

Jen Burchfield:

Great timing on the drunk guy!

Davit Martirosyan:

Good one! I liked your style+++

Samidha Kumar:

great !! love the drunk guy saying YEESSSS :) nice performance...i would only work on the lipsync a little more... overall awesome