Final Rating: 3.38. Finished 109 out of 151 entries.

345 views including the voting period.


Animator: Soong Wang Tung

Description: 3D Animation

Experience: 2 year animation student life

Time taken: 1 month


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Robert Zhou:

Great work on the lip sync! I think they move around too much. I think there's an article on matching the movements with the character in the Helpful Hints section under Resources. Otherwise, decent work!

Adam Momsen:

Some of the expressions are decent, showing characters' hostility/smugness. But this piece needs a lot of work. Actions happen for no real reason (why does the guy in pink look down at his fist after 'Call him'? Why does he jerk around when the other guy appears? Where does the other guy come from? Wink at the end comes out of nowhere). Background doesn't tell us where we are. I might suggest keeping with a still camera until mechanics and staging are more refined.

Nathan Greensmith:

Quite floaty and jumpy. It seems to lack direction, so you need to work on your staging and timing to follow where the characters are and what exactly they are doing, but good effort.

Ben Halstead:

Very ambitious! I feel like there's too much acting going on. Perhaps better reference would help. Lots of twitchy movement, too. You probably have a lot of keyframes, and might stand to benefit from stripping a lot of them out and focusing on a more relaxed, pose - to - pose process before going back and adding subtleties to the movement.

Bruno de Coninck:

There is a lot of pops in your animation. Some moves seems to be in step. It makes look a little bit Wreck It Ralf Ish. Except that, it looks like you did used a reference, but maybe not a very good one. If you did your own reference, you should do it a lot of time and try to choose the best one(s) and particualry the most natural one(s). Most important about refs, try to live it, not to act it. Feel what your character is supposed to feel and it will make your acting far more natural.

Mag Magnet:

The POV idea was good. I'd say you had a little too many key poses, though.

Kyra Toomey:

It was very all over the place, with everything moving at once and the camera move wasn't really necessary. I think you were trying to do too much at once. Cut back on how many story poses there are, only create the ones you need.