Final Rating: 2.05. Finished 148 out of 151 entries.

460 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matthew W. Nuttall

Description: Damsel in Distress captured and taken to a Castle taunted by the Evil Arch-nemesis of the Hero. They are using her as bate.

Experience: Just a Hobby so here a little there a little

Time taken: Total 10 Hours about.


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Eric Raffle:

terrible because everything was way to far to see anything and there was not much acting in the scene, very static

Pooja Krishnan:


Nathan Greensmith:

Interesting scene. All animation, performance and lip sync is lost due to the positioning of the main characters with their backs to the camera. The torches and fire looks ok though.

Bruno de Coninck:

I suggest you to read about pose to pose animation. I think it will help you a lot! Also, if your are serious in getting into animation, I strongly suggest you to read the Richard William's book : Animator's Survival Kit.

Kyle Novak:

bad viewing angle, and all of your characters are entirely static.

Samidha Kumar:

never turn a back to ur audience... keep practicing ur fundamentals.