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by Kiran Hulle

Final Rating: 5.67. Finished 24 out of 151 entries.

709 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kiran Hulle

Description: A girl is kidnapped. One of the kidnapper (os) ask her to call Wilfred she tries to reach phone but can't.Second kidnaper also makes her to call Wilfred to save her.

Experience: 8 years

Time taken: 5 days


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Good work

Ben Halstead:

Great work! This is somewhat minor, but while I like the acting / animation, I wish she weren't leaning forward and opening her mouth at the same exact time as the line "See if he'll come save you." Since the first speaker has not been established, my brain keeps thinking that she's the one speaking, at that moment.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

we are missing the yessss part. maybe he looks too soft while everybody is playing that part as an old man.


awesome, expressions are superb, keep it up & all the best

Bruno de Coninck:

I'm not sure if the change of angle with the camera was very usefull. Except that, it is a good start but you could add more details. For example when she moves her eyes aroud frame 160, I think she should close them at this moment...

Mag Magnet:

Love her acting. I really feel the weight of her struggle.

Nathan Greensmith:

Animation looks good, performance is good. But the second speaking character is quite late to appear, and animation to the provided audio itself is minimal. But still great effort.

Kyle Novak:

cop out with no first guy, and its a predictable concept. movement was okay though.

Kyra Toomey:

Love the animation style!