Final Rating: 6.88. Finished 6 out of 151 entries.

3,435 views including the voting period.


Animator: Christina Halstead

Description: Little mouse in big trouble.

Done in Toonboom Harmony Premium. Digital hand drawn and cut out rigs.
Backgrounds done in Sketchbook Pro.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Bruno de Coninck:

Honnestly, I won't try to critic this one. I'm not a 2D animator and, even if I usually say the problems I see in 2D animations, this one is too advanced. The only thing I would say is that that the snake's stylisation makes his animation a little bit weird but this is really a detail. Great work!

Martin Strom:

I like the idea with animals, the snake looks really good and it's nice to see some traditional animation! Great job! :)

Nathan Greensmith:

Beautiful, A truly amazing job. Everything looks amazing. Fantastic characters. 100% my top pick for competition winner.

Richard Clark:

You get "best original idea" from me! Nice work!

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:


Yuri Marcel Vieira:


Paula Decanini:

The character designs look great! The turn on the owl's head feels a little awkward. Also I'd like to see more fluid, overlapping motion from the snake.

Nassim Briedj:

very good one

Kyle Novak:

Amazing, lip synch on the snake could be better, but i'm confident that with more than a month you would have made something even more amazing. Good work, keep it up. The owl was perfect as a character as well.

Jerry Jones:

Even though we don't know who Wifred is in the story, the detail was wonderful!

William Allinson:

There's such a great story here - wish I could keep watching these guys

Kyra Toomey:

I see that Redwall reference.

Adam Momsen:

Nicely done! That poor mouse...

The drawing here looks great, and you've got a good sense of the animals' motion and posing, which is awesome.

My main critique is watching to make sure that the lipsync (not that the characters *have* lips) is in time with the audio. There's a couple spots I see where it looks a bit off. Mostly the owl's beak seems to snap shut before he finishes saying 'save you'. And the snake seems to get ahead of the audio a bit during 'merciful'.

Timing nitpick: I might have the owl wait just a couple more frames before turning toward the snake. Right now it looks like the owl turns at the same moment the snake starts speaking, rather than turning in *reaction* to it.

All of this is easily fixable, though, and shouldn't take away from the great story setup, staging, and drawing.