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Wilford the merciful!

by Kevin

Final Rating: 3.55. Finished 104 out of 151 entries.

348 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kevin

Description: My entry for the the competition of this month. Sorry, for the playblast render, i was in holiday so I didn't had the time to render this animation properly. But i wanted to submit something so here it is

Experience: Actually, im a student at ESMA, so arround 2 years of practice

Time taken: Less than a week (I was in holyday, but wanted to submit)


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nikolas Diamant:

The camera motion was a little wonky, and the poses could be stronger, but good work

Bruno de Coninck:

I don't think that the first person view add anything here. Except that the expression of your characters could be worked a little bit more. Finally, the contrast between the different poses could be stronger.

Nathan Greensmith:

Nice scene, good posing, the camera panning to the old character seemed a little jumpy, but overall good work.