Final Rating: 5.12. Finished 34 out of 151 entries.

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Animator: Pradip Mohanty

Description: playing double characters in a movie

Experience: almost 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Bruno de Coninck:

Good work. The only points I would like to point is the transition between te two characters is too quick. Maybe if you add some antics (anticipation) to this move it would looks better. The other point is the mouvement of the second character at the end, when he mooves his fist... It might be me, but I don't understand what he does.

Nikolas Diamant:

The movement into the chair was too fast, and I think it would've been funny if he arrived late, good job though

Ben Halstead:

Great work! The walk cycle feels a bit jolty, and the part where he whips into the seat happens much too quickly, or at least the anticipation should be slower so we can see where his weight and momentum are about to go.

Nathan Greensmith:

Good Job with the character acting out both parts, good emotion. Nice work.

Paula Decanini:

Overall there's some good stuff here. I think you're going to have that extreme cartoony style with the spinning chair into a pose, you should carry that throughout the last of the dialogue. The stuff while he's sitting down falls a little flat. Also, I'm unsure what the punch gesture on "Call him" is supposed to mean.


Unsure of what you were going for with the last hand gesture. An open palm might've been clearer than a closed fist. The cut/rewind (?) in the middle also feels a little abrupt. Nice fluid movement for the rest however.

Martin Strom:

I like that he moves like a typical cartoon-character but the movement of him when he sits down goes to quick for me. The emotions on the face dose not fit to the dialogue, sorry.

Adam Momsen:

I like the setup! You also managed to pull off the idea without having to animate multiple characters, which I'm sure really helped give you time to polish. Nicely done!

My only real critique is that the motion where he switches characters is VERY fast and a bit jarring. Even though I kind of saw it coming it's still very quick. I might let him take his time with it, even going into the next 'character's' lines. For example, what if he spins the chair around (a bit more casually), and then sits down AS he's saying "Yessss...." It might let him settle into the new 'character' a bit, while still giving enough time to put him into the new pose and act out the remaining lines.

Nice work!