Final Rating: 4.97. Finished 39 out of 151 entries.

425 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nishith

Description: Wilfird is a NEW SUPERHERO in town which is ruled by a GANGSTER!!!

Experience: 5 Years

Time taken: 2-3 hours of work for almost 2 weeks


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Richard Clark:

You don't need to continue becomes distracting. Once you've established it at the beginning that's all you need.

Shiladitto Gupto:

nice idea.. really liked it.. needs work on the expressions.. the changes are very even timed give some offset to them.. both the eyebrows are changing at the same time, norman's shoulders are moving at the same time while he's pointing the gun and atom's hands are resting at the same time in the end and also the shoulders look very stiff and upward.. maybe you can take them a little down when he rests his arms..

and the blink at the start needs some work too.. since the guy was unconscious i think the first few blinks has to be more heavy and the camera should not move that much.. after 2 blinks i guess he can have fast blinks for few times and maybe the camera can also starts to move a little faster and then he opens up his eyes.. just try this out see if this works.. it may work..

otherwise looks good.. really liked the blinking idea..

Bruno de Coninck:

Not bad, but I think it misses a bit of breaking poses. At some moments, (in the moving hold of your guy on the left), it looks like he's just floating between his poses. It is fairly subtile, but I think it could improve a lot your work.

Nathan Greensmith:

Good acting, nice animations, good job.