Final Rating: 4.28. Finished 67 out of 151 entries.

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Animator: Kyra Toomey

Description: Interrogations can be tough. Having someone you can call on makes things easier... right?

Experience: 3 years of school, 4 in a studio

Time taken: 35hours approx. (5 days)


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Bruno de Coninck:

Not bad. Coud be improved but it is a good start. A little mecanic throught!

Eddie Higgenbottom:

this one's better but need a like more substance about it.

Eric Raffle:

you needed a third character for this scene, two characters didn't cut it because it puts things out of proportion. motion was a bit too little and I felt your speech needed more work

Carlos Guadarrama:

Check your splines, seems like there could be smooth movement in the poses it feels like the keys are all flattened or stepped.

Nathan Greensmith:

Good animation, nice emotion, good job.

Ben Halstead:

Some nice posing in the second half. The first half seems incomplete