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It's better to die

by Kseniia

Final Rating: 6.17. Finished 14 out of 151 entries.

1,313 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kseniia

Description: A girl was held captive by bad guys and they threaten her life .... but wait ... One of them (Wilfred) returns her phone and allows her to call her husband ...
... but maybe it's better to die than wait SUCH a "SAVIOR"

Experience: not much

Time taken: 1 week


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Nikolas Diamant:

Actually had me laughing, good job!


nice concept..lol..


good but over-enginered. think subtle movements.

Sam King:

Found the gun bit scary - well animated tho

Nathan Greensmith:

Great poses, good animation. the stretch of her arm at the end looked a bit much. But still Nicely done.

Ben Halstead:

Great animation! The last shot kind of loses the sense of urgency, though. I get the joke, but she suddenly seems so nonchalant about killing herself when just a moment ago she was afraid for her life

Yinan Hui:

Love your idea, haha! The punchline in the end is pretty good !

Bruno de Coninck:

Interesting concept, but I think it could be just a bit over animated. Except that, it is fairly good!

Grace Hii Hui Hui:

Kyle Novak:

almost too much emotion, and the ending was a little unnecessary.

Nassim Briedj:

hahaha good final


My choice for 1st place so far! Nice fluid animation and a solid idea. Well done! Love the end.

Kyra Toomey:

Love the posing.

Martin Strom:

This should be in the top 10. Great job!

Ramon Arango:

hahaha thats an interesting idea ^^. but if she would give up with a weak husband like that it is a little weird that her expression shows: " aww isn't he cute? I think hes not gonna save me. I might as well kill myself. Oh well"
If it were more like: "Oh no. nonono. Theres no way he will save me! But I'm not gonna give these thugs the satisfaction of killing me"
BOOM I think that would be a muh more believable thoughtprocess. This would also change the way the woman acts over the entire scene of course.
Or show at least a little bit of fear or resignation before she kills herself, instead of this nostalgic good ol times look ^^