Final Rating: 4.77. Finished 45 out of 151 entries.

457 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bruno de Coninck

Description: Well, to make it short, my first entry, comments and suggestions are welcome and basically, it is the story of some kind of immortal who don't whant to die here, scaring a folk who was making fun of him.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 15 days


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Richard Clark:

I would add more time at the beginning to establish the victims predicament. It just happens too fast that I had to play it 3 times to figure out that his head was being chopped off. Motions look robotic. I would recommend shooting reference next time.

Paul Wei:

This started out really strong; the ending was confusing though.

Shiladitto Gupto:

creepy.. BTW i gave you 2 stars.. it needs a lot of work..

Eddie Higgenbottom:

good idea

Nathan Greensmith:

Looks good, I feel the apple grab takes your eye to the left side of the screen and momentarily distracts you from character two's appearance. It may have been better if he grabbed it on the way in. But still its animated quite well. Good work.

Bruno de Coninck:

Ok! Let's do some auto critc! The hands are too mecanic, particulary on the fingers animation in general. The legs are a bit off too! At the end, when the character jumps back, it looks like he hits a wall. There is a little werid bump in the motion when he catches the apple. The lipsync is not that bad, but the O are a bit too wide in the horizontal. Finally, just before he jumps back, he seems to float a bit. Use a better reference because I DO know you didn't like your own reference! Good luck!