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Back to the real life

by Nassim Briedj

Final Rating: 5.11. Finished 47 out of 201 entries.

89 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nassim Briedj

Description: A bored father trying to make his son out of the virtual world.

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Sabina K:

Genius idea!

Daniel Vasconcellos:

Great idea!

Moy Parra:

been there!

Robert Firestone:

Love the concept!

Mike W:

Funny idea but I agree with his mom

Srinivasan S:

great one :)

Jocelyn Gray:

Haha, *really* great and original story for this audio! Made me laugh :)

Dan Harriman:

Wow good job! The idea is crystal clear as are your poses. This piece entertains! Overall though, your animation technique needs improvement in portrayal of weight, showing overlap, and most of the other principles. But you got the really hard part sorted, which is portraying an idea!


Funny idea !

Aaron Junyou:

In a world of social media, the boy needed it

Ryan D Lowe:

This concept is awesome. Good stuff! Break up the poses a bit more though. Feels too even.

Natalie Wilkinson:

Hahaha loved your concept. Took me back home to Miami.

Sarah Johnson:

Awesome concept! It feels like this for us computer folk sometimes.

Rayray TigerCub:

This is hilarious haha

Connor Kabbage:

The animation could use some polishing but I think the concept is one of the funniest ones this competition


haha, i love the idea nicely executed as well

Sergio Barragan L:

that's funny!!!

Danny Kneip:

I don't think the reactions play very well here. I would have him angry that he didn't kill his son, instead of sad. "No I did not" is well synced, but the other lines need polishing. The woman's line and acting choice doesn't quite work because she can see what we can't see (at that point) that the man clearly did not "kill him".