Final Rating: 5.57. Finished 27 out of 201 entries.

114 views including the voting period.


Animator: Srinivasan S

Description: Devil who steps out of his nature and does a good thing !!

Experience: 2 yrs

Time taken: 12 hrs


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Danny Kneip:

A pity the devil has to move at F329 on.. that little "hop" really detracts from the moment. Believable lip sync and expressions. The woman's CU is well done (and a bold choice), her confusion evident in the blinking and the secondary action of the hair is good and helps sell the head turn. A nice little surprise at the end with the child. Really good character performances and the devil's not such a bad guy afterall!! ;-) I enjoyed this!

Moy Parra:

I liked this piece. Perhaps the end isn't necessary, after the red guy delivers his final line I would call it good :)

Jocelyn Gray:

I can't tell what the deal is with the last guy, but good animation!

Amartya Mukherji:

keep it up.. nice work

Ryan D Lowe:

The chest scratch just isn't working. It might if you moved the head in Y to have him look SL or SR to take on the beat there.