Final Rating: 7.04. Finished 4 out of 201 entries.

2,594 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tugrul Tiryaki

Description: Dracula bites man's friend. Man exclaims in pain and says that he killed his friend. Dracula gets angry with him and arrogantly claims that he gave his friend an infinite life.

Experience: 3 years professional

Time taken: 18 days


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Daniel Vasconcellos:

I love it!

Roger Crown:

Really nice and clear staging.


Great job! It moves really well and looks excellent.

Lorenzo Perez:

Nice! :)

Carlo Nicoletta:

Looks Good. I like the overlapping action of the cape. It would be nice to push the vampire more to the right following the rule of thirds. This will allow him to remain clear while he does his turn around. Good job.

Vinu Nair:


Himadri Sekhar Dhali:

very nice animation!!!

Amartya Mukherji:

wow.. very nice use of the vampire cloak.. Top Five.. Smooth classical 2D

Will Sherburne:

Awesome! Really like the timing and spacing and the acting! The vampires cape is also very nicely done!

Natalie Wilkinson:

Excellent work.

Pauline Champetier:

This is really good ! I think you should work more on the eyes movement, it would be more beliavable if there was more eye contact between the two characters.

Anneke de Graaf:

I liked your animation! If I could suggest something, It is nice to stay in a pose sometimes. To really emphasize something you'd like to tell. Like after 'not', you could hold the pose for some frames.


Love it!

Ryan D Lowe:

Fun work with the cape!

Omer Sharon:

well... its awsome. great animation :]