Final Rating: 4.39. Finished 95 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Michael Ayers Jr

Description: This scene is about an doctor who shows the owner the antidote that was use on her anthropomorphic pet which brought him back to life.

Experience: Less the one

Time taken: 3 in a half weeks


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Danny Kneip:

I like these two characters screaming at each other! They are feisty and it shows because of the choices you made. Once the dog wakes up, they can all start barking at each other! ;) I think the woman's final pose is cliche, yet forgivable, because the previous gestures and exaggerated poses are so amusing. The sync is believable. No doubt her left eye seems like it's stuck in the corner starting at F111, I just assumed she has "a problem". Good job overall!

Patrick Høiseth:

The movements are a bit exaggerated for what they are saying, but at the same time it is well done animation.

Pauline Champetier:

The characters feel different if you listen only to the audio. Your shot would have been even better if you made them act in different ways.

Ryan D Lowe:

Hold those characters in poses longer. They are popping all over the place! Subtle some as well. Not EVERY pose needs to be a golden one.