Final Rating: 4.16. Finished 114 out of 201 entries.

27 views including the voting period.


Animator: Justin

Description: My clip for the July competition. This is my first entry and had a blast working on it...hope you guys get a chuckle.

Experience: Second year animation student.

Time taken: Off and on for a couple of weeks.


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Moy Parra:

This is a fun idea but the acting needs to be more driven by the tone of the clip.

Will Sherburne:

I like the story but there are a few fixes you could do on the animation. At frame 80 when she holds up the picture her arm is in IK mode so she sort of moves around and the picture stays in exactly the same spot. You definitely want to use FK for situations like that. I really like the poses on the guy and the animation is pretty nice just needs a little more cleanup.

Babul Prasad:

nice work, need to make it smooth

Danny Kneip:

Always liked this idea. Nice setting and render. The lip sync is good as are many of the poses. I'm not sure she needed to show him the picture, since he sees her looking at it. The raising of the burger is well done (just the way I like my burgers). I still think the composition is off, with more headroom than necessary, which is done to accommodate final resting place of the burger, but a camera move would have been better there. Also, her movements are very slow after her line - she starts lowering the picture at F199 and rests that arm/hand at F286, which is probably too long. Overall, a funny idea that needs a little more polishing.

Ryan D Lowe:

Hi there.
When I was first starting out, no one ever
took the time to say anything on my shots.

I can't give you constructive feedback here,
as your work seems to lack an overall
understanding of the principles of animation.

However, I emplore you to seek out these
books, and began your studies.

"Character Animation Crash Course"-Eric Goldberg
"Acting for Animators"- Revised Edition
"How to Cheat in Maya 2012/2014"-Lutha Roy

There are many more, but these will get you
started. Best of luck on your journey!