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The Unlicensed Doctor

by Mike W

Final Rating: 4.57. Finished 86 out of 201 entries.

61 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mike W

Description: Good work, Doc! Another job well done.

Experience: 2 years of college

Time taken: 1-2 weeks


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Daniel Vasconcellos:


Danny Kneip:

Love the idea!! :D Her opening line and pose is fairly unimpressive - the mouth shapes don't work for me and her pose, leaning in on one leg waving her arms, which strangely enough, is the bald man's exact same gesture, doesn't work. I certainly did not see that ending coming - so you have a terrific idea illustrated by cliche poses. I like the expressions overall, and the dummy's arm is actually very nicely animated.

Em Harrenstein:

Hah! Funny.

Casey Colledge:

This is funny! The arm movement on the dead guy matches up well with the guy on the right. I think the dead guys right arm/hand could use some tweaking in the pose. Maybe turn the elbow slightly away from the body and relax the hand/fingers.

Vijay Rihal:


Avinash Kharat:

nice concept