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the pain of separation

by mithun

Final Rating: 6.08. Finished 15 out of 201 entries.

266 views including the voting period.


Animator: mithun

Description: poor dad has to part ways with his child so that he can have a good life....

Experience: 1.5 yrs

Time taken: 14 + ! days


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I think that hat should be different color, because at first it appears to blend with hair and I was not sure if it is hair or skin - maybe even brain :D Nice poses overall, I like how you handled this scene! All best!

Ben Crouse:

Watch the cut to her closeup. Her head turns before the cut and again after it cuts. Aside from that, really nice!

Robert Firestone:

I love the expression on the man's face at "not." Also, I don't think you need the cut back to show the woman's expression. If anything I think the previous shot could be staged to show her expression as well. Nice work!

Jocelyn Gray:

Great facial animation!


story is not 100% clear. but facials look great... the last cut is not needed

Amartya Mukherji:

very limited movements. but nice

Aaron Junyou:

Really like the facial expression for the guy

Richard Clark:

Love the emotion you conveyed in the male character!!! Spot on!

Ryan D Lowe:

Love the hand gesture on life. I saw very little of that this month. I'm glad you sensed that in the upbeat of the dialogue. Small nit pick. This is really solid. Would love to see his hands tighten even more on his down pose to "NOT". Yup, as you have the antic before the hands shoot down. Finally I think the teeth need to click for "T" in NOT. It would help sell it. Great work! Last note: love the mouth shape for "KILL" from your girl.


His eyes and his whole body language in "no I did not", were spot on, the best part of the sequence.