Final Rating: 4.64. Finished 82 out of 201 entries.

41 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jocelyn Gray

Description: Two camp counselors participate in the great drama of life and death

Experience: 4 years as a student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Roger Crown:

Have changed my vote from 6 stars down to 5 due to the lady is wimpering in the same manner up and down with her mouth.
and why is she rasping thru her hair with her hands like that...that just a lazy conitrved actors bit for this line of hers.


Nice energy in the eating scene at the end.

Natalie Wilkinson:

This was funny. Nice job

Danny Kneip:

XD Love the devouring of the chicken leg! I wish I could see how far you were willing to go with that! The animation is decent overall.

Ryan D Lowe:

Love the look on the woman's face at the end of the shot. Haha. Your timing is too even though. Break it up and add some texture!


The way he eats the chicken is very Studio 4C, very nice, but my favorite part is the lady constantly making a pucker.