Final Rating: 4.95. Finished 61 out of 201 entries.

78 views including the voting period.


Animator: Max Collins

Description: Made for practice. I had a different plan in my head for how I was going to clean this but the file got corrupted the night before submitting and I had to sort of fudge my way through it. Done with flash (and AE)

Experience: Hobbyist--been playing around with flash for the last decade

Time taken: A little over a week


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Jocelyn Gray:

Great style, I love the mix of traditional animation and paper cut-out style!

Natalie Wilkinson:

Creepy characters!

Sarah Johnson:

I really like the staging. To improve this, I would add more secondary animation in the ears and shoulders to really bring the characters to life.

Ryan D Lowe:

Extra star for originality. No idea whats going on. But I believed it!

Danny Kneip:

Nice style and sync.