Final Rating: 6.29. Finished 13 out of 201 entries.

312 views including the voting period.


Animator: giga gudushauri

Description: Experiment

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Daniel Vasconcellos:

Nice concept!

Mike W:

Good job with the hands, but two things threw me off:
1) He switches his hand positions on the container too much in my opinion, and the first two twists turn the lid clockwise and the third twist turns it counter clockwise (not sure if it was intentional).
2) The facial expression from 70-100 throws me off a bit, he seems too happy for the dialogue. I think it should have been saved for the end, which you do have and it looks nice.

Ben Crouse:

One of my favs so far!

Robert Firestone:

Cool stuff! I love the lab and the Malcolm mod. I think his attitude when he says "not" is too happy; it doesn't really fit the dialogue. I think he could be more annoyed and dismissive of the speaker at this point.

Amartya Mukherji:

slightly floaty.

Mahesh Waran:

very good acting choice
still the third twist of the glass
is kinda of repeating
other wise SUPERB!

Ryan D Lowe:

I love the finger stuff in here. When he comes off that table in F136 try to "peel" the fingers up! The rest feels a bit floaty however.

Anneke de Graaf:

Congrats on your great animation! I really liked the focus of the guy, you managed to get a good energy in him. For me your animation is one of the best of this month! The one thing I can think off about some improvement, is that he is very controlled at all time. I think that at the 'no, I did not' you can enlarge the disagreement they have when he shakes his head, showing he disapproves of her comment, starting to smile again a bit later (at the end of 'not'). The contrast gives more depth in his emotional life and makes the character more interesting. But this is just nitpicking on a great animation...