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Description: His soul mate left him because of his one unwilling these days he is still trying to make her understand that he was not wrong even she is not with him in present

Experience: some

Time taken: still working


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Anneke de Graaf:

Looks great, but to much was going on. Maybee you can simplify it a bit more? Also the camera was moving a lot! But overall, good job!

Aritra Adhikari:

very cool rahul..

Amartya Mukherji:

animation is not bad at all. but i feel the camera movement and the background changes to be too disturbing. its almost impossible to track the character's expressions bcoz of that.

Ryan D Lowe:

I hate camera moves! I liked this one... well done. Great take when she disappears. Awesome drag as well. I like. Your pose on F125 I think is too much. Don't really need it.

Babul Prasad:

nice animation


lighting could hv been more better............


lookin very nice.................awesome!!!!!!

Danny Kneip:

The interaction is nice, as is the sync. The camera movement is good, but only feels manic because the character is moving so quickly in that moment once the girl vanishes. The woman's fingers seem to go through each other at F23. I really like the subtle movement when she vanishes and his weight carries him forward. Good job overall!


This is a great idea, all happening in his head, pretty cool. Try to guide the eyes more, when one character is talking, the other one should not move much. Indicate that he's going to talk by making him blink or move his head a bit, and then make him perform, that way our eyes are locked in a character at a time.