Final Rating: 6.93. Finished 7 out of 201 entries.

4,488 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anirban Paul

Description: Thank you for watching and voting

Experience: some

Time taken: 3 Days Mostly After Work


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Stefan Forde:

this is awesomeness :)

Daniel Vasconcellos:

good animation! Needs more work in the lipsync, one of my favorites!


Amazing! I love how heavy and lifeless goblin character appears! And the reactions of first character, the one saying "You killed him" are great! I think you can improve continuity and transition between shots, it seems like position of characters changes and it is a bit distracting. Also, lighting changes, or at least appears to be different ( more vibrant ). All in all, great work! Good luck and have fun!

Moy Parra:

nice!! I like the weight on the characters and the fleshy facial stuff on the male character. Good Job! One of my top choices for sure :)

Carlo Nicoletta:

Love the hand action on "you killed him". It's a little hard to read him giving his dialogue on "no I did not". I think it's because there is a little too much going on there. You could try separating the actions a bit more. Maybe have him come in just like he does on his knees and say "No I did not". Once he gives his line, I think there is enough frames to have him quickly toss his gun to the side during the natural pause in the dialogue and then have him raise the elf. Also, it would be nice to cut in on him a little tighter at the end to read his expression better and eliminate the tangent~y feel of his hair being cut off. Good job.

Aritra Adhikari:

Fantastic anirban da.

Amartya Mukherji:

Now, finally i see a top quality entry. Top Five probably

Vinu Nair:

should be atleast in top 10 :)

Ryan D Lowe:

Fantastic piece. My favorite so far! Love that rub through F65! The finger drag/overlap is beautiful.
That accent on the head on "HIM" is so beautiful. Love it.

Paul Wei:

Great physicality.

Danny Kneip:

Great! Very believable performances and really nice compositions. So much to really admire about this.

Davit Martirosyan:


Hannah Wilson:

The animation of the bodies looks great! The lip syncing needs some improvement though, it's taking away from the rest of the work you put into this.


very nice. best use of the dobie rig i've seen. well done

Avinash Kharat:


Richard Clark:

Great job! Love the acting! I feel like you could improve on the lip sync of the character with the gun. I also feel like when the dead body gets pulled up by the first character that it hits a wall on frame 33. The motion that tosses the gun seems off. I would try and shoot reference for that. Doesn't seem very weighty for a rifle.

Sergio Barragan L: