Final Rating: 5.71. Finished 22 out of 201 entries.

164 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rajesh Nath


Experience: 5 YEARS

Time taken: 7 DAYES


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Thk-xi Ber:

Vinu Nair:

good concept! :)


the acting does not really fit the power of the soundfile, but overall,great !

Amartya Mukherji:

concept and animation both are too good. Top ten for sure.

Chiranjit Saha:

Concept is awesome

Avinash Kharat:


Pauline Champetier:

Nice entry ! There's too many camera moves though. Adding an anticipation before the "I gave him life" would be a nice improvement !

Ryan D Lowe:

Lip sync needs work here! Hit those shapes! And use those teeth!

Danny Kneip:

Has some great potential, and my hopes were high when I saw the scale of the shot and the beautiful camera move, but F78 stopped me cold! Her eyes are not on the same page! The lip sync needs more polishing as the lines aren't readable. "Not" is played as an O shape F139. The "M" in "him" could have been held just a frame or two longer for greater emphasis. Great blinks though and fluid hand gestures. The woman's performance as he speaks is nice, but obscured by the man's arm - I wish the composition allowed for both of them to be visible. Good work, overall.