Final Rating: 4.77. Finished 71 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Jimena Carreón

Description: Little Lizzy finds her favorite plushie "Panda Bear" destroyed... or so she thinks

Experience: 4 years as Animation Student

Time taken: just a few days... or was a week?


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Danny Kneip:

You tricked your audience!! When cutting to the low angle of the blue man, he is not standing where we last saw him, which creates a jarring experience, and instead of enjoying your simple idea and animation, I am trying to pick up the pieces and figure it out! I like the child's slide on her knees - very effectively illustrating her angst! The lip sync is barely readable due to the color scheme, but the idea is fun and original, I believe.

Roger Crown:

Very nice and clear staging for this one....
and the end gag is super...hope to see more from you all of the time...THANK YOU FOR THIS..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mahesh Waran:

the transform #awesome

Magaly Diaz Puga:

Of the few who managed the idea well. Congratulations

Ryan D Lowe:

Hi there.
When I was first starting out, no one ever
took the time to say anything on my shots.

I can't give you constructive feedback here,
as your work seems to lack an overall
understanding of the principles of animation.

However, I emplore you to seek out these
books, and began your studies.

"Character Animation Crash Course"-Eric Goldberg
"Acting for Animators"- Revised Edition
"How to Cheat in Maya 2012/2014"-Lutha Roy

There are many more, but these will get you
started. Best of luck on your journey!