Final Rating: 4.09. Finished 120 out of 201 entries.

58 views including the voting period.


Animator: Deli Daniel

Description: I only went for the facial animation.

Experience: Some

Time taken: 4 days


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Danny Kneip:

Very good sync on his first line, but his second line needs more polishing. "I gave" - opening the mouth on "I" at F124 as much as you did leaves no wiggle room for "gave" to be readable and I think that puts the remainder of the sync on the wrong track. The expressions and performance are very good however.

Moy Parra:

You did a good job at making the face look a bit more fleshy, I feel that breaking the symmetry of the brows and the mouth shapes would help quite a bit. Adding more purposeful movement to the head itself would also boost up the credibility.


no story?

Ryan D Lowe:

Great lip sync, on a incredibly high-poly model. One star down for no body work though. You should also move that tongue on "life".

Irina Volishina:

character is very expressive

Sarah Johnson:

Good job keeping it simple, but with good execution!


nice facial animation. i cant really fault it if you could apply the same level of perfection to a body as well you'd be on to a winner. good job