Final Rating: 7.74. Finished 2 out of 201 entries.

5,616 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anthony Travieso

Description: Her son was dying from some unknown black magic. She has come to the one person that can give him life.

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 1 week lots to do.


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solid, nice effects

Daniel Vasconcellos:

Awesome, this is my favorite so far!

Leonardo Quert:

so this is going to win... great job!

Robert Firestone:

Wow! Amazing work.

Carlo Nicoletta:

Cool FX.

Davit Martirosyan:

NICE!!! Top 5

Jocelyn Gray:

Beautiful effects animation!

Moy Parra:

Really curious to see how long this took ;)

Vinu Nair:

must be in top 2!:)

Amartya Mukherji:

wow... Super job. THIS IS MY WINNER

the total presentation is awesome.. the effects are mind-blowing for an animator. I guess there are some 2D effects too. Probably you used After Effects and comped it. Cool render output.
Yes this is not a PLAYBLAST, there are lots happening to help the animation look polished. But the animation is equally good.

Love to see u in top three at least.

Noyan Özkan:

Good job anthony (i'm sure this work is yours)

Your extra contributions to this work are gonna let you to win this again imo. Yet there is one thing doesn't sit with me, if the wizard is filling the puppet with life why woman says "you've killed him?" i get the impression that wizard is not bestowing life to real kid am i right? the puppet just stands there like a wood in the proccess..

How can you kill a puppet already? if that's not the case you then you should've let the kid float in the air while being revived imo. That's how we know that wizard was almost killing the nearly dead boy in the progress.

i wanna tell this to everybody no matter how rude it is so forgive me pls. 2014 july must be the most boring voting in the history of 11 seconds. I believe roughly 80 entries should be taking place in the voting process.

Half of the entries were far from being logical and coherent with the sound. it was a torture to watch all the entries.

Moderators or Admin should've eliminated more entries at the beginning.
Man i saw some real ....ed up entries this time, so far from being taken seriously.

Himadri Sekhar Dhali:

nice vfx


Very nice...

Babul Prasad:

nice work

Irina Volishina:

I think this is the best product. Very expressive images. professional animation


This isn't a rendering competition. the animation is decent but i still feel the animation could have been better on character one.

Paul Wei:

Great twist and interpretation of the audio!

Casey Colledge:

Cool effects, not much to see as far as animation goes though. But overall, it looks close to production quality.

Kam Kok Chian:

nice effect, but I think you should focus on animation more than effect n rendering

Richard Clark:

Wow! Great effects! Was that hand drawn? I'd imagine your piece will win because of it.

Ryan D Lowe:

Your break up on the face is so clean. I have watched this multiple times now. I enjoy it more each run. I'm not sure if you used traditional animation to place the effects in there but regardless it really all blends together. Can't say much on the animation side you pretty much nailed it. Great work! I would like to see a wider face shape for "LIFE".