Final Rating: 5.55. Finished 28 out of 201 entries.

120 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anneke de Graaf

Description: A woman cries out, while a medicine man reveals the reason she's disturbed; the movement of a baby's hand reassures us the fact that he's alive indeed.

Experience: about 10 years animating sand, cut-out and drawn animation

Time taken: 8 days


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Danny Kneip:

I think hands are one of the hardest things to draw and I am impressed with your work there! The perspective of the two characters seems a little off, but there is great potential here.

Cami Cuibus:

Great animation, lip sync could've been a bit better


Fantastic movement and line work!

Jocelyn Gray:

Beautiful drawings--I feel like you did really good inbetweens for too few poses, though: the girl doesn't seem to have enough poses to match her emotion/expression

Irina Volishina:

Good graphic style

Pauline Champetier:

It is weird that the old man slides from the foreground to the background instead of walking (with up and downs)


well a classical animation is not bad ...i watched 3 times ... still cannot get it the ending ... a scene ought to be clear 1st time watching

Anneke de Graaf:

I participated to improve my animation skills. Unfortunately I didn't spent so much time on my character design, hope to do better next time...
So if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to comment! Thanks in advance for your time.

Ryan D Lowe:

Great drafting here! You have talent to be sure. I would like to see more emotion from the characters though. A bit bland for my liking.

Liviu Boar:

Too bad about the lip sync.