Final Rating: 5.61. Finished 25 out of 201 entries.

193 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason Wellings

Description: A vampire kills a kid and then claims to have given him life. Kid's not looking so good though...

Experience: 3yrs

Time taken: 12hrs


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Natalie Wilkinson:

Nicely done

Ryan D Lowe:

Timing here sells this perfectly. Great stuff! Love his "revelation" pose. I feel the last end of the shot is a bit too chatty though. I would tone down the jaw. LOVE your mouth shapes, and accents. Not NEARLY enough of that this competition.

Babul Prasad:

nice animation, lipsync not working, expressions are stiff

Danny Kneip:

The vampire's jaw is hoppin' and boppin'!! The sync is pretty good overall, but that final line seems really over the top with the jaw up and down on every word - very unnatural, even for a vampire! ;-) "Life" is well animated is readable. You jumped the line of action, which is a pity, at F81-82. And I was expecting a payoff at the end as the camera moved closer to the 2shot, but the dead person never budged.