Final Rating: 4.25. Finished 107 out of 201 entries.

28 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lucas Mirkai

Description: A crazy man who has a weird point of view.

Experience: 6 months +/-

Time taken: Maybe 50 or 60 hours


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Danny Kneip:

F120 is a nice pose of the gunman, but I wish there was more negative space between the tip of the gun and the man's head, not only for a stronger composition, but for the psychological disconnect between the characters as well. The cut to the CU on F122 is a nice choice. The gunman's two steps in the beginning seems super rushed (but might not be because his right leg is partially obscured by the table) and is the weakest part of the animation (not counting the blink, blink at the end, which is terrible). The lip sync could use more polishing (holding the "M" sound on "him" just another frame or two would have strengthened this quite a bit. And the "F" in "life" doesn't quite read. Overall, there's much potential here.