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They just make a mistake...

by Sterenn Dolidier

Final Rating: 4.53. Finished 38 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Sterenn Dolidier

Description: Hi, I'm a 3D student and this is my first "long" animation alone, I hope you like it!

Experience: 3month, I'm a student^^

Time taken: 1 month


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Cute concept, needs lighting

Shaun Bartoo:

Hey, nice start, keep it up. I think the establishing shot might be a bit unnecessary at least for this competition, but Tin general I like your staging and camera work. There's a lot of popping happening here. I think you could improve by reducing the number of keys you're using, simplifying your action by removing extra unnecessary poses and tracking your arcs carefully.


Love the camera work. Clear staging. The body language and gestures are too fast-paced for the dialogue.

David Fliesen:

Not sure why you have the building extra footage at the front, but you really need to follow the rules and keep your clip to the time of the original clip. And it didn't add anything to it. Looked more like you didn't know how to edit your clip properly and left it on by accident. The character animation is a nice start, but highly recommend you not use copyright characters.