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Animator: Lauryne

Description: I tried to use characters from a student short movie. Miro and his grand Father are in the kitchen and play a comedy. Grand father is very proud of his grandson

Experience: 1 year as a student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Needs more lighting

Shaun Bartoo:

Really cute concept. The acting works pretty well! The cut in the middle of dialogue to the old man is a bit unfortunate. It feels pretty jarring. I'd have maybe thought about an establishing shot at the beginning before the sound kicks in to sell the concept instead. Its also a shame its still stepped in places. It feels slightly incomplete, but super charming in spite of that. Really digging this one.

Olivia English:

great idea! Could use some improvement, but a great start!

David Fliesen:

Hard to read. Need to put a stronger light in your scene and using one boy character to play two girl voices just doesn't feel believable here.