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We won't hand over the gold

by Visual Animation

Final Rating: 3.45. Finished 55 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Visual Animation

Description: Tired of suffering she robbed a grocery store, now she won't return the gold.

Experience: Student

Time taken: One week


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Shaun Bartoo:

This feels a little floaty unfortunately. With stronger poses and better use of moving holds this could be a lot stronger

David Fliesen:

Does not meet the requirement for the contest. You needed to animate for the full audio with both people. If you wanted to focus on one person, then at least do an over the shoulder shot and show the other person from behind as they are talking. Also your animation is very floaty. I would recommend you block off your main poses first and then work tangents after you have the first blocking stage done. That will allow you to be the one that determines how she moves. To improve your future works, review the 12 principles of animation: https://ohmy.disney.com/movies/2016/07/20/twelve-principles-animation-disney/