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I'm just trying not to die, ok!?

by Jack Corpes

Final Rating: 5.16. Finished 26 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Jack Corpes

Description: This is my first entry for a while. It took roughly 10 hours of chipping away at it while I could after work. Enjoy!

Experience: Getting back into 3D after 4 years doing 2D motion graphics.

Time taken: About 10 hours


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Susannah N.:

Wow, great movement! Love the ending expression!
The only thing you might improve is the lip sync a little bit.

Tom Islava:

Not bad, the only thing I would need to work on is the lipsync

David Fliesen:

Nice start, but I would suggest you use two separate characters or make them feel more different from each other in the way you animate them. Also limit your camera movement as it weakened your animation. Zooms and pans are fine to use in full animations, but may take away from a short work like this, especially when there is not a need for them in the shot sequence.