Final Rating: 4.56. Finished 37 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Nicole McGahey

Description: Animation in Pencil2D

Experience: very little

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Nice background to express a bit of the story. 2nd character talking, good job on the acting and changing the facial expressions. The tail on the same character appears to be in difference sizes, small to big, big to small. The cat character on the last part, the pose could be pushed more to express "Hey not trying to die here!" The pose there seem stiff

Shaun Bartoo:

Hey great job. Some feedback: Somethings looking a bit funky with the blue wall. It drifts after the camera seems to stop, giving the feeling that the characters are sliding. Even after that, the feet continue to slide around, the SR character's legs grow in the last pose change, and its feeling like the hips are stuck in place through a lot of the acting. I'd suggest practicing weight shifts to get a sense of how the hips/COG move with a character as they act

David Fliesen:

Camera work interferes with us being able to see your work. Would have been better if you just showed the two line drawn 2D characters over a simple white background rather than try to bring this into 3D. The animal movements feel very forces and could use a better understanding of anatomy unless you mean to go rubber hose style with your work. Also suggest you review the 12 principles of animation from Disney: