Final Rating: 7.22. Finished 4 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Steven Clibborn-Dyer

Description: Anne and Ruby stole milk from the ruthless gang at the grocery store!

The adorable Midi Rig is by Rigstation (on Gumroad)

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: Around 7 days


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Visual Animation:



Smooth, realistic acting. Love when the white cat eye's went large for a second going back to slit. Awesome job!

Shaun Bartoo:

Great cartoony style, slick arcs, generally really excellent work. Congrats! To nitpick, the eyeline on the blue cat feels a bit drifty and unfocused from 215-end.

Richard Adams:

Beautifully expressive animation, both body and face. A favorite this month.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

lacks fast movement, timing can still be improved.

David Fliesen:

Nice start but still feels a bit rough. It's hard I think when you have two characters that are the same with only a color change to make them feel like two different characters.