Final Rating: 8.55. Finished 2 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Anastasia Turaeva

Description: Characters inspired by animals shoplifting compilations

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 19 days


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Steven Clibborn-Dyer:

Love the character design!!

Visual Animation:


Sarathbabu A S:

good one

Shaun Bartoo:

WOW gorgeous! Possible winner right here. I have no feedback besides "let me go pick up my jaw off the floor"

Richard Adams:

Incredible! I think this is this month's # 1 winner. Wow.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Winner! classic 2D!

David Fliesen:

Very nicely animated!!! I do think your camera movements are a bit much though for this clip especially in the pan as the squirrel walks across the screen.

Charls Thomas:

top 3