Final Rating: 3.65. Finished 50 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Johannes Andersen

Description: Hey there everyone. I know my animation is far from perfect, but I just thought I´d enter anyway just for the heck of it!

Experience: 4-6 weeks

Time taken: About two weeks


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Remember the 180 degree rule on camera angles. The characters are switching between left and right

Shaun Bartoo:

Good start. You've got some nice poses. Think about twinning your arms less. Apart from a bit of acting around 130, the arms are almost completely twinned on both characters throughout the shot. Your lip sync is also not super successful, and the eyelines are off most of the time, make sure they're feeling focused on each other.

David Fliesen:

Nice start, but needs some work. Learn camera setup a bit better for a sequence in film to make your work look better and setup the cameras before you begin animating as you need to play well to the camera for each shot. Also the blonde's face is still very blocky and need a bit or work smoothing the tangents out and getting the lip sync to match up.