Final Rating: 4.28. Finished 42 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Mordrenn

Description: Mikey and Mobot stuck in a grocery store

Experience: student

Time taken: 1 week


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Tristan Riggs:

excellent poses


Good start. Love the change of eyes in the robot. Mikey seem robotic at the first line and the last, but there was a little smooth animation after the robot turned around. Could be worked on for smooth animation throughout the shot

Shaun Bartoo:

You've got some good poses! It feels a bit incomplete, but if you were to spline this out and finish, it could be a really nice piece.

Richard Adams:

Would've scored higher if you'd gotten past the blocking stage and polished this. Love the scenario you came up with.

Predrag Lazic:

Definitely a Raph situation but Mikey pulls it off.


Fantastic key poses!

David Fliesen:

Suggest reviewing the 12 principals of animation to make your future works better: and stay away from copyright characters.