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Animator: Valentin Canete

Description: 2 voleurs se retrouvent sur un toit après un braquage.
Une embrouille éclate entre eux.

Experience: 1 ans

Time taken: 2 semaines


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

At the start it's a little unclear where the characters are in relation to one another. If you started the female character's dialogue with the male character in the shot it would help establish their positions.

Shaun Bartoo:

Wow, this is wacky. This feels like almost a joke submission, but if you want serious feedback, you've got wayyy too many poses in here. Think about having one pose per phrase and acting within that pose so that we actually have time to read whats happening. Thank you though, this was very entertaining

David Fliesen:

Just too odd. Better to stick with a story and use motions that the audience can read rather than jerking them all over the place haphazardly.