Final Rating: 6.74. Finished 8 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Etienne Mory

Description: Sadly only in black and white and without shadows.

Experience: 8 Years

Time taken: 3 Weeks on and off


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Tristan Riggs:

very cool style


Nice change of expressions there between the characters

Shaun Bartoo:

Great style, great acting, all around great submission. Really well done.

Olivia English:

lips could be synched up a bit better, but overall great! Especially the first line

Richard Adams:

Wow....this is incredibly well-polished and finished-looking. Possible first place winner, though the lip syncing is a bit weak. The rest of it though...stunning.


Great use of props!

David Fliesen:

Nice start but I would cut on the change in audio and the mask being taken off seemed a bit too forced.