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The entrance

by Jonathan Fontaine, January Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 9.01. Finished 1 out of 65 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jonathan Fontaine

Description: Mrs Wallnut is hosting her poor niece for the summer..

Experience: Learning traditionnal animation for 2 years

Time taken: over 15 days


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Cody Cessna:

Excellent character design. After seeing the rest, I predict you for the win. Beautiful work.

I also love the vignette/texture filter you applied. It makes it feel so nostalgic and gives it a real sense of space.

bárbara espinosa:

Amazingly smooth and lovely acting!

matias lagunas:


Victor Pierce:

Beautiful work! I love the expressive arm gestures at the beginning.

Andriy Hrymalyuk:

Something a bit strange about the placement of the left arm (f250), maybe it could go all the way around and land on the left shoulder, but otherwise looks super cool :)


Lovely animation - beautiful line work. One of this months top entries IMO

charls thomas:

great job

Paraskevi Koutalou:



Love it

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Okay we have a winner here. But the first part is over animated for the mother part.

Laura Truxillo:

Oh wow! This is stellar! And the designs are so cute and engaging. I'd watch a whole movie of them.

Isaac F.:

"the whole room" part from bigger squirrel seems off. Other than that, amazing work

Keren Shalev:

Awesome job!!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Super nice!

Bruno Pereira Fedrizzi:

That animation was sooo good to see. OMG, winner?

Andrew Byrd:

Amazing, great job

Jim Cessna:

very good expressions

Jason Chan P. L.:

I love everything about this. The expressions are amazing. Love the performance of the mother.


It will be the winner, good work!

Nils Kuhl:

My favourite:D

Marie Dewulf:

Unbelievable !!!!!!! Everything is so clean and beautiful, the background as well as the characters !


Great animation.