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Your Maple Furniture

by Joshua

Final Rating: 5.53. Finished 19 out of 65 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joshua

Description: I couldn't finish the Render in time so I unfortunately had to use the playblast.

I imagined the audio being a young adult girl being brought in to her new home, or more accurately for this scene, her new bedroom.

Experience: Junior

Time taken: 34hrs


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Andriy Hrymalyuk:

I'd suggest losing the first two camera angles and start with the third one. And you could end on the wider shot at the end to show more of the room.

bárbara espinosa:

Good posing!

Clara Beacco:

Nice animation! The walk from the woman at the beginning looks a bit weird to me, as if the knees weren't aligned with the foot.

Darren Evander:

you nailed the personality down,good job