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New vampire girl in da house

by Clara Beacco

Final Rating: 4.94. Finished 30 out of 65 entries.

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Animator: Clara Beacco

Description: It's Claire's first year in a foster home and she's allergic to wood, except for maple. Gwen is her new foster mom and wants to take care of her, gave her what she needs.

Characters from Long Winter with Licence for non commercial use.

Experience: A master's degree in character animation. No professional experience yet.

Time taken: About 40h counting filming the reference and doing the study


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The eyes seem to be all over the place and the opening line has the girl in the back feeling resentful in a weird way that doesn't seem to fit what she's saying or how she acts in the other parts.

Andrea Charais:

(did not expect that ending)

Caleb Rankin:

Great strong poses! Could use a little more keys and some more work on the timing and spacing of the keys. The coffin is hilarious!

Bruno Pereira Fedrizzi:

I really like the end joke, but the animation feels a bit floaty, maybe doing some more passes on blocking plus will solve it!