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Alice in Videogame Land

by MFuller

Final Rating: 2.29. Finished 52 out of 52 entries.

110,437 views including the voting period.

Animator: MFuller

Description: Thief

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 20 hrs


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Yonghwan Seok:

IK Practice?

Ryan Woods:

can certainly see the character "thinking" and felt grounded/ balanced. would recommend bringing feet closer together to feel more natural, and at times feet feel like they are magnetized to the ground. especially on the ending pose character seems to put effort into lifting foot. once you get the hands finished I think this will improve a lot!

Adrian Petitjean:

Floaty animation. Take some references. DId not understand anything.

Joshua Kaberline:

Not really sure what the story was here…

Z S:

Why's the gun floating in the air?

Victor Lemée:

I didn't get the story, lack some weight, camera angle are a bit off. Take some reference and watch your arcs

Daniele Croce:

It needs a lot of improvement in animation and a clear setting (expecially in musical shot like this).