Final Rating: 4.19. Finished 32 out of 52 entries.

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Animator: Andreas Nordlie Danielsen

Description: Two Three dimensional creatures find themselves in a deadly standoff in the long forgotten town of "Plane-Town" Where all people are flat as planes!
Theres no room for both 3D men in this town!

Experience: Half a year

Time taken: 2 weeks, probably around 20-30 effective hours


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Alex Ang:

I wouldn't mix idle loops with acting. A good pose with just a twitch of the hand would work for the over the shoulder shots.

Yonghwan Seok:

should have more acting and movement.

Adrian Petitjean:

The camera movement is off. Dont stop the camera so suddenly.
Story wise, i did not understand much. Not a lot is happening. The characters do move a lot but does not help the story.

Joshua Kaberline:

Wish there was more action

Z S:

There isn't much to this one, but the work you did on the black shirt guy makes for a really decent video game idle animation. Good work on that part.

Ryan Woods:

great camera work/composition, animation needs a little more follow through for orange man. (what boday part has most energy/weight?) brown man needs differnt pose or les wiggly arm, too unnatural. also the follow through for nose is overactive, more active than breast physics in video games =P

Victor Lemée:

Lack some weight, camera angle are a bit off. Take some reference and watch your arcs

Alvindra Surya Wardana:

I think the man wearing grey cloth has too much idle movement

Daniele Croce:

Cool idea but the movements are too fast if you want to make a more dramatic, infact I find those are a bit distracting.

Also the eyebrows of both characters are too stiff.

Jamie F:

Far too much overlap on the guy's nose and lips!