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Reassurance on the Park Bench

by Ryan R.

Final Rating: 4.34. Finished 52 out of 73 entries.

168 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ryan R.

Description: Two friends having a small argument on a bench.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at ryrum@yahoo.com

Characters used -

Bonnie Rig - www.joshsobelrigs.com

Mery Rig - meryproject.com

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 2 Weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Pallav Sharma:

move the lower body also

Jamie F:

Be prepared to move more that just the head, even if they're sitting down. non-moving parts become very noticeable very quickly.


The pose on mery is very unflattering. It could be saved if you picked a more interesting angle for the camera instead of dead on. There are also some snappy areas, perhaps your keys are too close together?

Arlo Karleskint:

Loving the body language

Mason Jones:

Clunky head lifts from the blonde. Also, more body movements would add more life.

Henry Barbee:

Poses were pretty good, but transitions were pretty linear. Need more slow in/ out of poses.