Final Rating: 6.65. Finished 4 out of 73 entries.

229,048 views including the voting period.


Animator: SewonKim

Description: power game between mom and daughter every dinner

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 8 days


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Elisabeth Janerka:

Didn't really understand the scenario


All the actions are cool on their own, but I think it's a bit much all together for 11 seconds. The over acting is distracting to the personality and the dialogue.

Marisa Gershenhorn:

Acting doesn't seem to fit the dialogue


Animation is very good. However, I didn't get it. It doesn't fit with the dialogue, unless it went over my head. Still worth a respectable score though.


The animation is good but the situation doesn't match the audio at all.

JoJo Leong:

Great animation, just wish it was more in line with the audio

Paraskevi Koutalou:

I love it!! very professional