Final Rating: 2.83. Finished 73 out of 83 entries.

344 views including the voting period.


Animator: James Branch-Hollis

Description: Mother lecturing her young adult son

Experience: 7 years as a hobby, 8 months using Maya

Time taken: About 1 week and a half


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Baley Jauma-Hall:

Animation is REALLY stiff

Marckus Duverger:

The expressions on the 2 characters should change more, I like that you focused on the movements first & the staging is pretty interesting, but it's still pretty flawed.

A big problem is that you're moving the character around but not showing the weight shifting, when the lady took a step or moves her arms dramatically there should be more hip & upper body movement.

Smooth out those arm movements, there's some popping & sudden stops. You can use moving holds & the graph editor to try & help with that.

Your timing's not bad, I like the way you offset the arms. Keep working on it spruce it up, you can make some major progress if you spend more time with it & know that the body is connected, get more Anticipation in there as well.

William Barry Eggington:

I can see every keyframe. That's not really what you want.

Pallav Sharma:

flow missing