Final Rating: 2.68. Finished 74 out of 83 entries.

372 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shadrak Guichard-Foster

Description: A mother having enough of her useless son.

Unfortunately only made it to the blocking stage due to other animation assignments on my course but I still wanted it give it a go! So here's a playblast!

Experience: 1 Year in University

Time taken: 16 Hours


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Lucía Elisa:

lacks inbetweens, looks like an animatic

Brian Duffy:

this doesn't make much sense. she's being sarcastic. the exchange of the phone/remote/? with the rose doesn't support the dialogue.

Richard Adams:

Feels like this is still in the blocking stage. The blocking is excellent, just haven't done the spline and polish stage yet. I would've rated this much higher if splining had been done.

Brian W.:

I like your spin on the story. With more inbetweens, I bet the character acting would be pretty good.